Start with 9 Practices to Step Outside Our Subconscious Blocks and Create with Joy and Love in Work and Life

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The 9 Practices:

  • Email #1: Blind Spots
    Learn how your individual blind spots work against your happiness and what to do about it in 3 Practices. 
  • Email #2: Emotions
    Learn the language of your subconscious and how to speak it for more emotional freedom in 3 Practices. 
  • Email #3: Creation
    Learn how to make decisions and take actions that will lead to the happiness you know is possible in 3 Practices. 
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Start with 9 Practices to Step Outside Your Subconscious Blocks

Start with 3 Emails. 9 Practices. Life changes. Try them yourself. Then you'll get exercises we are using, channeled messages, and other life-changing weirdness.

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